She works in Saint Petersburg, in the banking sphere.

"I decided to participate in the project in order to try on different "roles" and look at myself from the outside. It was interesting to meet the photographer, whose works I had known long ago; as a result, I have got unforgettable and surprising photos ... It was a hard work, particularly when expressing dark emotions."

Pride Ekaterina. Pride Ц Humility. Humility
Avarice Ekaterina. Avarice Ц Generosity. Generosity
Lust Ekaterina. Lust Ц Chastity. Chastity
Envy Ekaterina. Envy Ц Charity. Charity
Gluttony Ekaterina. Gluttony Ц Temperance. Temperance
Wrath Ekaterina. Wrath Ц Kindness. Kindness
Acedia Ekaterina. Acedia Ц Faith. Faith