She lives in Paris and works as a doctor-radiologist; she is fond of literature, art, and medicine.

"It was interesting to turn into an "acting" model. I'd never dreamed of becoming an actress, but, at the same time, I'd been curious to know what it was like - to express emotions. I would have never made up my mind for shooting if I hadn't trusted the photographer Ц and yet, it appeared difficult to be open and sincere. I don't know if I have been really successful, but, in any case, it seems to be my limit... I think that every sin is a result of continued or exaggerated virtue; there are no virtues without sins, and vice versa. This is the Universal Law of Balance; once it's broken, the world will become rather boring and completely different from what we like now."

Pride Oksana. Pride Ц Humility. Humility
Avarice Oksana. Avarice Ц Generosity. Generosity
Lust Oksana. Lust Ц Chastity. Chastity
Envy Oksana. Envy Ц Charity. Charity
Gluttony Oksana. Gluttony Ц Temperance. Temperance
Wrath Oksana. Wrath Ц Kindness. Kindness
Acedia Oksana. Acedia Ц Faith. Faith