УThis shooting reminded me of my music lessons when being a child: you know exactly what emotion is to be expressed (through the sounds then, with the help of mime and gesture now), you are even discussing this with your teacher, but ... actually you don't have the slightest idea how to do this. And then, after a long search, it suddenly (all by itself) strikes your mind and you don't really know where it has come from... You just feel this emotion so deeply that it goes out, onto the surface, even if it is not your immanent oneФ

Pride Ljubov. Pride Ц Humility. Humility
Avarice Ljubov. Avarice Ц Generosity. Generosity
Lust Ljubov. Lust Ц Chastity. Chastity
Envy Ljubov. Envy Ц Charity. Charity
Gluttony Ljubov. Gluttony Ц Temperance. Temperance
Wrath Ljubov. Wrath Ц Kindness. Kindness
Acedia Ljubov. Acedia Ц Faith. Faith