She studies in Paris at the Law Faculty of the University, preparing to enter the attorney school. In her free time she designs clothes and participates in УKVNФ games.

"Back in Russia, I played in an amateur theater and enjoyed impersonating. And well, I had already managed to do this on stage, but never before the camera! That was why I liked the idea of this shooting. The results impressed me greatly! It appeared singular to see different states of my own soul. Some shots were rather surprising. To me, this photographing once again proved that the bad in man is far more noticeable and obvious. As for the good, it is more difficult to recognize; here, I think, "the heart is only sharp-sighted... "

Pride Ludmila. Pride Ц Humility. Humility
Avarice Ludmila. Avarice Ц Generosity. Generosity
Lust Ludmila. Lust Ц Chastity. Chastity
Envy Ludmila. Envy Ц Charity. Charity
Gluttony Ludmila. Gluttony Ц Temperance. Temperance
Wrath Ludmila. Wrath Ц Kindness. Kindness
Acedia Ludmila. Acedia Ц Faith. Faith